Fun Facts About the Wildwoods

  1. The Wildwoods welcome over 9 million visitors a year making it the number one family resort at the
    Jersey Shore.
  2. The Wildwoods have over 11,000 accommodations – including oceanfront hotels and motels, bed and breakfasts, luxury townhouses and condominiums.
  3. The first inhabitants of the Wildwoods were from the Ketchemeche tribe, an offshoot of the Native
    American Lenni Lenape nation.
  4. The Wildwoods host more than 180 special events each year.
  5. The Wildwoods’ beaches are FREE – no beach tags are required.
  6. Bill Haley and the Comets launched the hit single “Rock Around the Clock” from the stage of the
    Wildwood’s Hof Brau Hotel on Saturday, May 29, 1954. The song topped the charts and changed modern
    music forever.
  7. American Bandstand made several summertime appearances in the Wildwoods.
  8. Bobby Rydell’s hit 1963 song, “Wildwoods Days,” is about the five-mile island. Chubby Checker
    first introduced the dance craze The Twist in the Wildwoods at the Pepperment Lounge.
  9. The first Wildwoods Baby Parade took place in 1909 – over 100 years ago.
  10. The Wildwoods Boardwalk has more than 70,000 wooden planks and stretches for nearly 2.5 miles.
  11. The Wildwoods’ beaches, unlike most beaches in the United States, have areas that grow in size
    each year and are the largest beaches on the East Coast.
  12. A 220-foot long, 30-foot high mural called the Whaling Wall, painted by world-renowned
    environmental artist Wyland, can be viewed at Garfield Avenue and the Boardwalk.
  13. The Wildwoods’ have been:
    • Chosen as one of’s 50 Authentic American Experiences
    • Listed as being among the country’s Top Ten American Boardwalks by Forbes and Sherman’s
    • Travel
    • Voted “Best Town” and “Best Beaches” in the 2009 WTXF-TV My Fox Philly Hot List, Jersey
      Shore Edition contest
    • Voted “Best Sports Beach” by the New York Daily News
    • Named one of America Online’s More Beach For your Money destinations
    • Voted as one of New Jersey’s Top 10 Beaches by the New Jersey Marine Sciences Consortium
    • Voted Best of New Jersey Heritage Tourism by Preservation New Jersey
    • Chosen as number 1 in “Top 10 Family Beaches” by Newark Star Ledger
    • Voted “Top Tourist Town in the Northeast” for families by Family Fun Magazine
  14. The Wildwoods have the largest collection of mid-century commercial architecture in the United
    States, now labeled “Doo Wop.”
  15. Wildwood is home to the National Marbles Hall of Fame.
  16. The National Marbles Tournament is held here each June at Ringer Stadium, where ten square
    concrete platforms are permanently imbedded in the sand.
  17. Both the world’s largest and the world’s smallest kites have appeared in the Wildwoods during the
    Wildwoods International Kite Festival, the largest kite festival in North America, held each Memorial Day Weekend.
  18. The new “Wildwoods” sign stands 20 feet high and 80 feet long and has a video camera trained on it
    that broadcasts the image 24 hours a day over the internet so visitors can have friends and family see them visiting the sign live, online.
  19. The only Revolutionary War battle fought in Cape May County was on Sunset Lake in Wildwood
    Crest. The U.S. Brigantine Nancy and British warships skirmished here in the Battle of Turtlegut.
  20. The Wildwoods are home to the historic 1874 Hereford Inlet Lighthouse which was designed by Paul
    J. Pelz, the man who later designed the Library of Congress in Washington, DC.
  21. The Wildwoods are home to the Wildwoods’ Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall, the only permanent
    Vietnam Memorial replica in the Northeast, which is an exact, half-size, black granite replica of the official Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C. It has the 58,913 names of our country’s fallen heroes from the Vietnam War etched on its panels and stretches for 240 feet along the existing sidewalks of Columbus Park.
  22. National businesses, including TD Bank, Walgreen’s and WaWa, have incorporated Doo-Wop
    themes in their Wildwoods’ business signage and architecture, creating an extraordinarily unique
    experience for visitors and locals.

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